Management Team

Our management team shown here represents the high level of professionalism we have assembled in order to provide our clients with the very best possible security services. Our combined 50+ years of employment with Mesa insures our complete knowledge of our policies, procedures and our clients' requirements. The team both Troy Grimes and Valery Simpson have constructed displays decades of experiences in a vast variety of fields. These include: Military. Human Resource Management. Night Field Managers in the Army. Air Force. National Guard. Corrections. Plus backgrounds in banking, computer technical services, insurance, manufacturing, and additional security firms.



Director of Operations

Troy Grimes

Miss Simpson

Day Field Managers & Assistant Managers

Mr Reed

Mr Aragon

Mr Hill

Mr Dalton

Night Field Managers & Assistant Managers

Mr Griego

Mr Dzienis

Mr Judy

Mr Devers-Burr

Human Resources

Miss Florez